Shad Sterling

This site is updated infrequently, and should reflect things that don't change quickly. Major changes were made here in July 2008. For more transient information, check facebook.

I'm not particularly active online because I prefer to live mostly in the “real world.” Since 1999 I have lived in Atlanta, GA. I won't be moving away from Atlanta any time soon, but may eventually if and when I have a compelling reason to.

I am a performer. I've been performing in one capacity or another for most of my life. Early on it was in school choirs, school plays, community theatre, musical theatre, and dance. When I left school, I moved to Atlanta to study and perform circus arts, primarially aerial dance and handbalancing.

I am a geek. I grew up with computers just a little before they were common in homes, and spent a lot of time playing with them and learning how they work. I am now employed as a systems administrator, and have returned to school to pursue my interest in simulation software.