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I've been performing in one capacity or another for most of my life. Early on it was in school choirs, school plays, community theatre, musical theatre, and dance. When I left school, I moved to Atlanta to study and perform circus arts, primarially aerial dance and handbalancing.

My earliest performances were with my elementary school chior, when we sang at the mall across from Santa Claus. In middle school I continued singing and started taking acting class, but it wasn't until high school that I began to take it seriously. In high school I continued acting and singing, and just to see what it was like I took a dance class. It turned out I had some talent for dance, and enjoyed it too.

I pursued dancing for some time after that, gradually acting and singing less and less. While I am tolerable at Ballet, I am most proficient in the more expressive varieties of modern dance, and have had master classes or more with several notable dancers, including Peter Sparling, Doug Varone, Urban Bush Women, members of the Alvan Ailey American Dance Theater, members of the Martha Graham Dance Company, and many other performers and teachers who are far more capable than their lack of fame would indicate.

Shortly after my first circus arts class I mostly gave up dancing in favor of being a circus performer. At first I performed entirely in the air (or setting a partner in the air), on the spanish web, static trapeze, and what we called a “triangle lyra.” (Check out the video we made for Ambianzo.) Later, I performed handbalancing acts as well as aerial acts. (There is no good general information link for handbalancing, but for some idea go about a minute into this video.)

Today I spend most of my time at the day job, and it's mostly for the money. I do take dance and circus arts clases several times a week, but I only perform a few times a year. I would prefer to perform more than I do, but for the past few years the money just hasn't been there. My plan from here is to save up some money from the day job, then take some time off and work my way back into teaching and performing.